Do I Need Council Approval For Installing Playground Shade Sails?

Do I Need Council Approval For Installing Playground Shade Sails?

Are you planning to install a shade sail on the playground? Then you must focus on getting the right design and choosing the most suitable colour and material. However, it’s important to consider planning permission and council approval even before hiring shade sail designers.

Many people think they don’t need approvals for playground shade sails; however, it isn’t always the case. If you want to accumulate more information on this, continue reading till the end.

Why Do You Need Planning And Building Permits?

Planning approval guarantees that the development of a property includes the design codes, planning scheme, and other pertinent legislation. So, if you want to design custom shade sails for the playground, a permit is essential.

It also ensures that the proposed playground shade works match the Building Codes of Australia and other standards.

Approvals For Playground Shade Sails

Planning approval is necessary when the playground shade sails are different to the designed codes. “Should it be required, it must be obtained before a building permit is issued.” – the words of a professional custom shade designer.

However, if your structure exceeds 20m2, it’s necessary to seek permission for the proposed shade sail. If it’s less than 20m2 and 2.4m in height, it’s useless to pursue approval. But, if there is an existing shade sail on the property – you may need to visit the state council.

You can check and speak to your local council to identify the regulation and ensure the proposed playground shade sail structure is perfect.

Planning and designing permission is not the only council approval that you require. Other local criteria are there that need to be fulfilled. So, it’s always better to confirm with your state council that says what you need. In Australia, the city councils have made it easier to see the planning, overlays, and zoning structure during the building process.

If your shade sail is an accepted designed structure, the council may not need to approve your sail but can still ask for proof.

In A Nutshell

Designing and installing playground shade sails gets easy with professionals. But, you must collect relevant data and permits before proceeding with the task.