Do I Need Council Approval For Installing Playground Shade Sails?

Are you planning to install a shade sail on the playground? Then you must focus on getting the right design and choosing the most suitable colour and material. However, it’s important to consider planning permission and council approval even before hiring shade sail designers.

Many people think they don’t need approvals for playground shade sails; however, it isn’t always the case. If you want to accumulate more information on this, continue reading till the end.

Why Do You Need Planning And Building Permits?

Planning approval guarantees that the development of a property includes the design codes, planning scheme, and other pertinent legislation. So, if you want to design custom shade sails for the playground, a permit is essential.

It also ensures that the proposed playground shade works match the Building Codes of Australia and other standards.

Approvals For Playground Shade Sails

Planning approval is necessary when the playground shade sails are different to the designed codes. “Should it be required, it must be obtained before a building permit is issued.” – the words of a professional custom shade designer.

However, if your structure exceeds 20m2, it’s necessary to seek permission for the proposed shade sail. If it’s less than 20m2 and 2.4m in height, it’s useless to pursue approval. But, if there is an existing shade sail on the property – you may need to visit the state council.

You can check and speak to your local council to identify the regulation and ensure the proposed playground shade sail structure is perfect.

Planning and designing permission is not the only council approval that you require. Other local criteria are there that need to be fulfilled. So, it’s always better to confirm with your state council that says what you need. In Australia, the city councils have made it easier to see the planning, overlays, and zoning structure during the building process.

If your shade sail is an accepted designed structure, the council may not need to approve your sail but can still ask for proof.

In A Nutshell

Designing and installing playground shade sails gets easy with professionals. But, you must collect relevant data and permits before proceeding with the task.

How To Pick The Best Colour And Fabric For Commercial Shade Sails?

The warm Australian weather can be as fun as brutal. Thankfully, getting the correct shade sail can help you avoid those painful sunburns and protect your property. But to pick suitable commercial shade sails, you need to know which colour and material of shades will suit you the best.

And we are here to assist you with just that. So, continue reading the following section and learn how to pick the best material and colour of shades for your space.

Choosing The Best Colour And Fabric For Your Commercial Shade Sails

Understanding which type of shade sail will meet your needs is crucial to getting the most out of your investment.

So, follow these tips when you buy a shade sail next time:

Choosing The Correct Material

There is an enormous variety of shade cloth fabrics available in the market. They all come with unique features and benefits. So, how can you tell which one is ideal for you? Well, you can determine the fabric type from your answers to the following questions:

  • Where will you install the shade?
  • Do you want a waterproof shade?
  • Will you expose your commercial shade sails to extreme weather?
  • How much area do you need to cover with the sail?
  • Are you planning to protect people or vehicles with the shade?
  • What functions will the shade serve?

Usually, people go for high-density polyethylene fabric when picking a shade for their property. But to determine if the same will be suitable for you, you can analyse your answers to these questions.

The Right Shade Colour

The colour of the shade will affect its functionality and appearance. But getting the correct colour can be pretty challenging. You can use this guide to conclude:

  • Mix-matching multiple shades will add more depth to the appearance.
  • Consider the surrounding of your shade structure. Do you want the shade to blend in or pop out?
  • Earthy colours would be a good pick if you want the sails to disappear. Bright shades will be better for areas like children’s playgrounds.
  • Lighter colours may be slightly less effective for UV protection, but they let in more light.
  • Darker colours may let in less light, but they are easier to maintain.

Are these tips helpful for choosing the best commercial shade sails? Hopefully, your answer is yes. And if you have any further queries regarding shade sails, don’t hesitate to reach us.